Keith Pichardo

When I was a kid I would watch character actors, such as Willem Defoe and Heath Ledger, and it would be an amazement for me to see people transform themselves. It always seemed like a dream to provide value for other people's entertainment like that. During high school, I began posting random videos on the internet which began filling this need. Unfortunately it wasn't authentic to me - I was entertaining but not providing value - but it revealed that I can make things happen when I set my mind to something. This occurrence was the tipping point that pushed me into the acting world. After being trained as a filmmaker and actor at Scottsdale Community College, I have directed multiple short films as well as acted in productions such as 'The Tragedy of Macbeth' (Macduff): William Shakespeare, 'Long Way Go Down' (Chris): Zayd Dohrn and 'Lobby Hero' (Jeff): Kenneth Lonergan. I am currently auditioning for Universities outside of the state with the intention to grow in my training and imagination in order to show my younger self that this isn't a dream.